Painting Racks

T4W Rotating Paint Rack

The T4W rotating paint rack makes hoods, fenders and doors simple to hang, adjust and move. Completely universal; adapts to any size panel with ease. The rack handles exterior and interior panels, fenders, bumper covers, spoilers, grills and mirrors. Specification: length: 202 cm width: 85 cm rotative bar height: 100 cm fixing arms length: 73 […]

T4W Magnetic gravity feed spray gun holder

Magnetic, solid spray gun hanger uses powerful built-in magnets to keep itself in place. It can be used in paint booths, mixing rooms, tool boxes, workstation’s or any place with a metal surface. Technical data: Width: 15 cm Length: 10 cm Height: 12 cm Weight: 0.71 kg  

T4W Bumper Rack

Specialised rack for painting of car bumpers. It has a wide range of adjustment: height-width. Equipped with chains for bumper easy fastening. Technical data: Adjustable height: 112 – 156 cm Width: 71 cm Length: 105 cm Adjustment range: 90° Weight: 9.5 kg

T4W Trolley rack for body parts

Auxiliary trolley for storing body parts, such as lids, tailgates, wheels, pipes, and other disassembled body parts and vehicle equipment, and prevents the loss of the elements. Features: Stable structure on strong wheels, proven in long-term use Adjustable shelves and hanger height helps to organize the workplace 4 swivel wheels including 2 with brakes (provides […]

T4W 3P+ Film- paper roll dispenser rack / 5 rolls

Solid performance, long life and comfort are just a few features of the T4W rack. The special design allows the simultaneous unrolling of the the paper, wrapping the edges with adhesive tape and cutting a given section of the paper. Practical, mobile rack for masking papers and films. Powder coated. Specifications: Length: 135 cm Width: […]

T4W Perforated plate for Roatating Paint Rack

The additional accessory for rotative painting rack. Useful when painting small parts, eg. mirror covers.  

T4W Double-sided bumper Rack / two-level

Double-sided rack for safe and tidy workshop storage of painted bumpers. Prevents inadvertent damage to paint finish during storage. Four pairs of height adjustable support arms for maximum capacity and flexibility. Fitted with four castors, two with brake, for maximum manoeuvrability and safe positioning. Technical data: Width: 120 cm Length: 120cm Height: 110 cm Weight: […]

T4W Mobile Panel Rack

Comfortable, mobile stand for storage of windscreens, hoods, doors etc. Extensive up to 5 large parts. Equipped 4 x PP Castor 4″ (2 swivel + 2 swivel with brakes). Fixing bars equipped with EPE FOAM. Powder coated. Technical data: Width: 120 cm Length: 71 cm Height: 75 cm Max capacity: 150 kg Weight: 18 kg […]

T4W Prep Station Masking Machine / 6 rolls

Convenient, mobile masking station with wheels (φ10cm). Equipped with a large top shelf – for tapes and tools, tape reels, cutting blades with a spring and a spray gun holder. Steel construction. Technical data: Width: 132 cm Length: 52 cm Height: 114 cm Cutting blade thickness: 1.0mm Thickness/diameter of the tubes: 1.0mm/25mm Shelf dimensions: 52.5 […]

T4W Extendible painting rack type X with supporters

Ideal for storage, treatment and painting of bumpers. Adjustable stand with retractable arms make the device suitable for use with different types of bumpers. Folds for easy storage. Steel construction – galvanized. Technical data: Height: 128 cm Width: 60 cm Arm length: 58 cm Packaging dimensions: 125 x 20 x 11 cm Weight: 8 kg  

T4W Film- paper- and cleaning cloth dispenser rack

Lightweight, sturdy construction, on which paper rolls/film rolls/cleaning-cloth rolls can be mounted. Fasteners of rollers are metall, so that no wear or damage by using are made. The construction of the rack is covered with powder coating and partially galvanized. Specification: Height 90 cm Width 46 cm Length: 44 cm Max. roll width: 40cm Weight: […]

T4W Mobile vertical masking stand / 4 rolls

Convenient, vertical mobile masking machine with wheels (φ15cm). Equipped with a tape reels and cutting blades with spring. The rack is adapted for use with papers with inner cores φ50mm diameter. Powder coated. Technical data: Width: 50 cm Length: 80cm Height: 113cm Cutting blade thickness: 1.0mm Thickness/diameter of the tubes: 1.0mm/25mm Capacity: 2 x rolls 30cm […]


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