Clear coats

T4W eXpert line 777 Clear coat VHS 2K 2:1

777 2K 2:1 special acrylic Clearcoat from eXpert line series has a mayor quantity of high solids and low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) – used in cases where the highest quality of the coating is required. It is characterized by a very good flow, very high gloss and high hardness after curing; […]

T4W eXpert line C17 AIR DRY Clear coat HS 2K 2:1

C17 AIR DRY is a high quality two component acrylic clear coat for quick car repairs (spot-repairs) with low contents of the volatile organic compounds (VOC). C17 is a product designed for bodyshops, which constantly face the problem of owners demanding a quick return of the repaired vehicle. The use of materials of the latest […]

T4W CARO UHS 2:1 Clear coat 2K

CARO UHS Clear is a high quality acrylic clear coat produced on the basis of the highest quality resins, with a mayor quantity of high solids (Ultra High Solid) – designed to ensure that the application process meets VOC emissions directive. Designed for application on waterborne and solventbased base coats with a spray gun. Thanks […]

T4W 404 Clearcoat matt 2K MS 2:1

The 404 product is two-component matt clear coat of high quality. It is meant for coating either small or big surfaces of vehicles and other appliances and machines used in the industry. The obtained surface is scratch resistant. Color: transparent  

T4W 4444 PREMIUM Clear coat UHS 2:1

The clear coat is designed to achieve significantly firm hardness. Excellent for spots repairs as well as whole car body painting. Is highly resistant to scratches and ultraviolet radiation and provides long-lasting gloss. Easy to apply. It is characterized by good flow and does not create any damp patches. The clear coat provides fast-hardening and […]

T4W 444 Clear coat HS 2:1

The clear coat is designed for especially demanding clients. It is characterized by mayor quantity of high solids. It does not stream down even from vertical surfaces and is considerably glossed and scratch resistant. Applying possible in two systems: Standard Express The Standard system is based on the use of an acrylic thinner and provides […]

T4W HT400 Clear coat MS 2:1

The HT400 clear coat does not stream down even form vertical surfaces. It is characterized by expressive color depth and is strongly resistant to scratches. It guarantees fast drying and evaporating time maintaining perfect gloss, firm hardness and high resistance. The clear coat hardens quickly providing thick top coating which is highly resistant to ultraviolet […]

T4W HT300 Acrylic Clear coat LS 2:1

The HT300 clear coat is highly recommended in cases when short period of drying is needed. The product should not be used in high temperature and especially not for whole car body painting. It provides a high glossed surface and is strongly resistant to any mechanical impacts as well as other chemicals and atmospheric agents. […]

T4W PIK Clear coat MS 2:1

The PIK KLARLACK MS 2:1 acrylic clear coat is characterized by high flow, good UV resistance (non-yellowing properties) and considerable gloss. It is recommended for application inside spray booths or other places designed for coating purposes. It is recommended for surfaces already covered with thinner- and waterborne base coats. The clear coat is available either […]


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